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Washing your RG Leotards

It is very important to follow certain rules when cleaning rg leotards.

Here are the main risk factors that need to be considered before starting to wash any rg leotards:

  • Different bright colors – risk of mixing and/or fading

  • Paint – same as before

  • Glued decorations – risk of loss of crystals; some types of crystals, pearls and sequins may also lose their shine

  • Unhemmed fabric edges – risk of tearing and/or stretching out of shape

  • Details like embossed flowers, tassels etc. – risk of tearing and/or losing shape

Some tips:

  • Always wear a nude body under the leotard. It soaks up most of the sweat.

  • Do not put your leotard on too early for warm-up. (But make sure that you do it early enough to get used to the feel before stepping onto the competition carpet.)

  • If possible, do not put your leotard into a bag or holder immediately after use. Instead, hang it inside out in a well-ventilated place. This way your leotard stays fresh longer and you might not want to wash it every time.

  • Order your new RG leotard early to allow for 1 month of no washing. This allows paint and glue to properly set.

The washing and drying process:

  • Gently hand-wash in a basin with cold or lukewarm water

  • Use only a small amount of delicate detergent or liquid soap

  • Do not leave to soak

  • Rub gently with your hands

  • Rinse gently with cold water

  • Do not twist, light squeezing is allowed

  • Spread the leotard onto a light-colored towel and put another towel into the leotard

  • Roll gently to remove excess water

  • Leave in horizontal position with the towels in place for an hour or so

  • Put on a hanger and leave to dry naturally

The DON’Ts:

  • Do NOT machine wash!

  • Do NOT use hot water!

  • Do NOT soak!

  • Do NOT bleach!

  • Do NOT dry in the dryer!

  • Do NOT iron!

  • Do NOT leave hanging in direct sunlight!

  • Do NOT wash a borrowed leotard without consulting the owner first!

beautiful details on an Inprof RG Couture leotard