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SASAKI Warranty Information

SASAKI products are known for their high quality and durability. But please bear in mind that your apparatus is in intensive use and thus exposed to various risks of getting damaged. Sadly, most early breakages are caused by improper use rather than manufacturer’s errors.

It is very important to store, transport and use your apparatus properly at all times. A gymnast, no matter how young, is a professional athlete. It is crucial to learn to care for and respect one’s apparatus from the very beginning.

Do not use or allow your apparatus to be used just for playing. An apparatus belongs on the carpet only – never use it on other surfaces!

Here you can find some important information about the standard life expectancy and warranty periods provided by the manufacturer.

Apparatus Warranty Standard
Period Hours
Ribbon 1 month 90 1 year
Ribbon Stick 2 months 180 1 year
Hoop 2 months 180 1 year
Rope 3 months 270 2 years
Clubs 2 months 180 2 years
Ball 2 months 180 1 year
The standard periods apply when proper use is maintained at all times:
– on gymnastics carpet only;
– correct ball pump and pumping technique;
– no excessive bending, tearing nor pressure applied.
Please make sure to read more on ball care HERE.

If your new apparatus breaks during the warranty period even if you have used it properly then please send us an e-mail with the following information:

  • time of purchase
  • order number and/or name of customer
  • place of use
  • approximate amount of hours used
  • photos of the damaged apparatus

All valid claims will be processed in due course.