How to Order the Correct Size Hoop

Hoops are budget-friendly. They seldom get damaged and you can always give your hoop a make-over by simply replacing the tape.

The SASAKI M-13 is a very light and elastic hoop. It is great for beginners as it is easy to throw and does not hurt nor bruise as much as some other models do. We want our little gymnasts to be excited to try new things and not be afraid of their hoops, right 🙂

Gymnasts grow at an irregular pace. It is important to keep an eye on the hoop size and go one up if needed.

Hoop size is the hoop’s diameter. They come at 5 cm intervals: 65 cm, 70 cm, 75 cm, 80 cm, 85 cm and 90 cm.

The best person to go for apparatus advice is always the coach.

But here is a quick tutorial on how to select the correct hoop size yourself when ordering online.

For young gymnasts, if not 100% sure, buy the larger size — they will grow into it and it is better to change the size less frequently.


The hoop should ideally reach just under the hip bone.