Ages and Apparatus of Group Exercises in 2018 (for Estonia)

The exciting spring season is not yet over but many of you are already looking forward to autumn and the RG group exercises.

I love watching groups perform. It is also hugely moving to witness the strong friendships that the girls develop and the mature way that they support and push each other towards a shared goal.

It will be an especially fun and challenging season for the Junior groups. Not only do they need to master 2 different routines but they will also be competing to qualify for the European Championships and the first ever World Championships for Juniors.

Here is a quick reminder of the different groups that we will be seeing in Estonia in autumn 2018.

  • Mini (2010-2011) free routine
  • Children (2008-2010) 5 hoops
  • Youth (2006-2008) 5 ribbons
  • Juniors (2004-2006) 5 hoops + 5 ribbons
  • Seniors (born 2003 and earlier) FIG program

The FIG program for Seniors in 2018 is 5 hoops + 3 balls and 2 ropes. In 2019-2020 they compete with 5 balls + 3 hoops and 2×2 clubs.

Junior groups in Estonia are allowed to compete with one routine only. However, only groups performing 2 different exercises have the chance to win the Estonian Cup and/or the title of Estonian Champion.

Looking forward to new creative routines and wishing you all sunny summer of training and plenty of relaxing!