Taking measurements for RG leotard is not difficult but precision is important to get the fit that you are looking for.

First remove all loose clothing. Measurements should be taken wearing ONLY underwear.

Start by tying some string or ribbon tightly around the natural waistline. Natural waistline is somewhere above the navel and below the rib-cage. It is easy to locate by bending to one side – the natural waistline is where the crease forms. It is where the circumference of your waist is the smallest.

  1. NECK – measure around the neck

  2. CHEST – measure right under the arms

  3. BUST – measure at bust point level

  4. NATURAL WAIST – measure at where you have tied the ribbon

  5. LOWER WAIST – Measure around the body at hip bone level

  6. HIP – measure around the widest part of the hip

  7. WAIST TO HIP – measure at the side the distance from the natural waistline to the widest part of the hip

  8. SHOULDER TO WAIST – measure at front starting in the middle of the shoulder near the neck and move over the chest point to the natural waist

  9. TORSO – start as before, but go all the way round over the chest point, past the waist, under the crotch and back up to where you started

  10. CROTCH LENGTH – run the tape measure between the legs and measure from natural waist to natural waist

  11. BACK WIDTH – measure the distance between two shoulder seams at the back

  12. ARM LENGTH – start at the edge of the shoulder and finish below the wrist bone

  13. BICEP – measure around the bicep, do not tense the muscle

  14. WRIST – measure around the smallest part of the wrist

  15. SKIRT LENGTH – measure at the back from natural waist to the desired length (The front and sides will be cut as per selected design and do not need to be measured separately).