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Changing the Swivel of Ribbon Stick

All SASAKI ribbon sticks come with a metal swivel. So why is  it important to change the swivel of ribbon stick?

Firstly – to make the ribbon last longer. The sharp metal causes the ribbon to tear which not only looks bad but eventually changes the way your ribbon moves.

Secondly – to reduce the risk of the ribbon getting caught in the swivel of ribbon stick during performance and increase your chances of getting a higher score.

So here is a simple tutorial of how it is done.

You need:


1 – Press the little sharp “teeth” of the split ring opener together between the tiny spiral ring:

2 – Wiggle the end of the ribbon stick between the separated spirals and turn until the metal swivel comes loose.

3 – take your new textile swivel and the ribbon of your choice and attach the swivel to the ribbon:

  • pull the long soft loop of the swivel through the ring at the end of the ribbon;

  • take the ring-end of the swivel through the loop and tighten.

4 – Open the ring of your new swivel with the split ring opener.

5 – Push the end of the spiral into the tiny hole at the end of your ribbon stick. It may take some time first as the detail at the end of the stick rotates, but you’ll master it soon.

6 – rotate the ring until fully attached.

May you all have lots of happy ribbon moments!