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Taking Care of Your SASAKI Ball

A brand new SASAKI ball is amazing – smooth, sticky, glittery… Only a fellow gymnast can fully understand the excitement it brings.

A brand new SASAKI ball is also a considerable expense. As a parent of not one but two rhythmic gymnasts I can absolutely relate to the moms and dads out there. Paying for the apparatus we certainly hope that it lasts longer than a single season. We might even get lucky enough to sell it as used at some point.

Following these basic rules can significantly increase the life-expectancy of your new SASAKI ball:

  1. Never leave your ball in direct sunlight, not even in a box or bag. Sunlight causes the color to fade and the rubber material to lose its’ elasticity.
  2. Keep your ball warm. Room temperature at all times would be ideal but understandable difficult to achieve. Just do your best to dress it warmly in the winter. An affordable solution is to tuck it into a warm winter hat before putting it in the regular ball bag. Never leave your ball in a cold car overnight.
  3. The sticky surface of the ball scratches and picks up dirt easily. Use only on the gymnastics carpet. 
  4. Do not place your ball on top of a newspaper, book page or other print. The ink will stick to the surface.
  5. Let at least some air out before boarding an aircraft. Pressure-fluctuations are not good for the ball.
  6. Extreme dryness is also harmful for your ball. Do not keep it too close to the fireplace, oven or radiators. 
  7. Wash your ball gently with lukewarm water if needed. Use your hands only, no scrubbing! Adding some mild washing-up liquid is fine. Leave on a soft towel to dry naturally.
  8. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines on inflating, deflating and moisturizing the air valve as seen below.

And remember – even if you do everything right, the average life expectancy of a SASAKI ball is 1 year if in regular use. More information on warranty periods can be found in this article.

Hope you enjoy your SASAKI ball and have many memorable training and competition moments with it!